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    Any Minute Now

    Well, there’s a brand new manuscript in town. I have my fingers crossed that this idea resonates with an editor or two! After my sciatica diagnosis (and exceedingly slow recovery from same – wait, y’all probably don’t know this. Long story short: I tweaked my back getting into my car last October and have a herniated disc), the manuscript I was trying to work on went COMPLETELY sideways on me. It probably didn’t help that I was trying to write through shattering pain. Live and learn. After a while, I decided to set it aside and wait for a new…

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    Giant Men Doing Soft Things

    You know what I love? A giant man being tender to a puppy. Or holding a baby. Or just generally being soft. I suspect I am not alone. In fact, Kristen Callihan said about her current work-in-progress: I should mention, one of my current projects was inspired by a tweet from a while back. MAKE IT SWEET features an embittered hockey player, forced to retire due to concussion syndrome, who finds himself wooing his new neighbor with the sweets he bakes in his spare time. 🧁🍰🥧 — Kristen Callihan (@Kris10Callihan) August 6, 2019 So here’s a recommendation list of romances…

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    The First Families of Romancelandia

    I’ve been re-reading (listening to) Sarina Bowen’s True North Series and falling in love with the Shipley family all over again. So, it occurred to me to compile a list of the great, warm-hearted families of Romancelandia. The ones that make us just want to curl up on the couch with the gang, help out in the kitchen, sit around a campfire with…you know the deal. As always, my friends came through! Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Ilona Andrews, The Baylors of the HIDDEN LEGACY series (Per @IsobelCarr and @JenicaDawn), the KATE DANIELS series…

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    On Submission? Check This Out…

    The lovely ladies at All The Kissing asked me to write an article about how to cope with being on submission, or “on sub.” (For those who haven’t experienced this, it’s when your agent takes your manuscript to acquiring editors and you…wait. If you’re interested in my coping strategies for this stressful time, I hope you like it!

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    The Prickly Heroines of 2018

    Wow. It’s been ten months since I crowdsourced A Home for “Difficult” Heroines.” And it’s been a great year for some stunning, strong women in romance fiction. Women with agency and boundaries.  Women who, inexplicably to me, frequently get the label of “bitch.” So, I’ve asked Twitter to give me their recommendations for this year’s best bitches. Listed below with the Twitter handles of the recommenders. Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Contemporary Alyssa Cole, A DUKE BY DEFAULT – “I loved Portia because she knew herself.” (Per @damselspodcast) Jenny Holiday, the entire Bridesmaids Behaving…

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    Happy Holidays from Buck House

    …hee. Yeah. Chez Buck is not exactly Buckingham Palace. And this year’s holidays have been marred by some pretty serious health issues (mostly mine, though some have been Mr. B’s. Spines are the very devil, I’m convinced of it. Specifically, the sciatic nerve is a design flaw and I would like to speak to a manager right this instant.) So, despite having a yearly ritual to go to the local tree nursery and get a fresh tree, we conceded to the fact that neither my nor Mr. B’s back is up to wrangling one this year and finally decided to…

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    Stuff I love – Svaha

    I’m the type of person who, when i find something I love, I tend to do two things: Buy multiples of the beloved thing. Shout the infatuation from the rooftops. So here’s my shout from the rooftops, wearing the second beloved thing.  Dresses from Svaha. These aren’t just cute, funky cotton dresses. They’re cute, funky cotton dresses with pockets. Cute, funky cotton dresses with pockets big enough to carry a Kindle.  Go forth and peruse, loves. You won’t be disappointed.

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    Kate Clayborn’s Chance of a Lifetime Series

    I’ve been lucky enough to get to be an early reader of all Kate Clayborn’s Chance of a Lifetime books in ARC (advance reader’s copy) form. And if someone were to ask me which of them was my favorite, I couldn’t begin to tell you. They’re all so good. All so individual, while still retaining that Kate Clayborn-ness. Why don’t you ask me which one of my cats are my favorite while you’re at it, you monster? The basic premise is that best friends Kit, Zoe, and Greer collectively purchase a lottery ticket and actually win. They split the money (life-changing…

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    “I’ll take ‘Office Supplies I Can’t Live Without’ for $500, Alex”

    Twitter recently acquainted me with this  But why do I feel like you need this haha @jayetria pic.twitter.com/14jabszky1 — dawn (@dawnlanuza) August 25, 2018 These are a thing! They exist! I feel I should order them for editing my own work:  And I also feel I should order these for my beta readers and critique partners:  Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.