I write each book so that it can stand alone, so if a book in the middle of a series catches your fancy you can read it without worrying that you’re missing crucial context. Of course, recurring characters make reading in order a richer experience for some readers, but I try to balance that with writing every book so that it can be read as a standalone. Enjoy!

The All for You Series

Angling for You (Book one)

When you’ve lost nearly everything, can you trust enough to put your heart on the line?

Themes: learning to trust again, adorable dog, found family, academic librarian (hero), fly fishing guide (heroine) 

Length: Novel

Heat Level: steamy

Handy for You (Book two)

Sometimes true love can be right around the corner.

Themes: learning to trust again, adorable dog, silver fox single dad (hero), new homeowner who's in over her head (heroine) 

Length: Novel

Heat Level: steamy

The Golden Years Series

Novellas with protagonists finding love in their fifties.

The Wedding Bait (Book one)

You are cordially invited to…a hot mess.

Themes: fake dating, escort, destination wedding, only one bed, consultant/escort (hero), political consultant (heroine)

Length: Novella

Heat Level:steamy

The Center Stage Series

Set in American theater and television, this series features entertainment professionals both onstage and off and the people who love them.

Acting Up (Book one)

The stage is set for the play of a lifetime: but it’s the romantic drama backstage that has everyone applauding.

Themes: friends to lovers, found family, theater, workplace romance, director (hero), stage manager (heroine)

Length: Novel

Heat Level:steamy

Method Acting (Book two)

All the world’s a stage until your heart is on the line.

Themes: opposites attract, female friendships, theater, television, STEM advocacy, Cinderella makeover (she buys the dress, though), lobbyist (hero), actress (heroine)

Length: Novel

Heat Level: steamy

Acting Lessons (Book three)

Parting may be such sweet sorrow, but second chances are so much sweeter. 
Themes: asshole cat, Manhattan is a whole thing, fast burn to stop to slow burn, actor (hero), stage manager (heroine)

Length: Novel

Heat Level: steamy

Fast Acting (Book four)
Love isn’t just in the air: it’s contagious.
Themes: destination wedding, meet-cute, epic croquet battle, surprise talents, articulated consent, law professor (hero), actress (heroine)

Length: Novel (short)

Heat Level: steamy