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    Travel meet-cutes

    NB: this post has been edited. The woman in question has apparently been hounded off social media, while the man is getting a more positive 15 minutes of fame. Great. After a thread went viral about a couple meeting on a plane, a lot of writers joked about “writing that book.” Others wanted to read it. But there are already tons of great romances that start with an in-transit meet-cute, right? Let’s have them! (And if you want to browse my other lists of recommendations, they’re all rounded up on one page.) Alisha makes an excellent point: please don’t photograph…

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    Comfort reads…blanket forts made of words

    There’s a lot of scary stuff out there these days. A lot of my friends (and I) are turning to books for comfort and recharging our depleted batteries. My good friend Kate said it much better than I could yesterday: I am not running away from anything or hiding from anything. Everything awful in this world is still knocking around in my head. But for that time I give myself, I’m running TOWARD the emotions and ideas that fill me up. — Kate Clayborn (@kateclayborn) June 21, 2018 Love, hope, kindness, human decency: these are fuel. These things make it…

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    New audiobook that I am VERY excited about!!

    Beth Kingston is a great writer and friend. And her medieval and Regency stories are narrated by the inimitable Nicholas Boulton. Seriously, this man’s voice. Le swoon. Her latest, House of Cads is OUT ON AUDIO. I’ve promised myself that I’ll get through my current audiobook before listening to this, but it is REALLY, REALLY HARD, PEOPLE. If you need your next great read-for-your-ears, I can recommend this without even trying it first. (If you want to peruse all of my recommendation lists, please do!) ETA: I scrapped the other audiobook I was listening to at about 70% and started Cads this…

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    Interview with Angela Hart

    This evening at 7:00 P.M. Eastern I will be on Angela Hart’s YouTube channel, talking writing, romance, probably whiskey…(Medicinal. Nerves.) Angela is a kick-ass grad student doing her PhD in romance novels. I met her at the Bowling Green State University Pop Culture conference a couple of months ago. So even though I’m a bit nervous, I’m also excited! She’ll be taking questions, so if you have any, you can tweet them at her. Oh. And she has the world’s cutest dog. So maybe Max will make an appearance as well. And! The interview will be available after in case…

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    In case of emergency, break glass

    Most of us have favorite authors and if we’re lucky, they have a huge backlist so we can spend a lot of time soaking up their words. But what happens when their words run out and you’re left waiting not-so-patiently for their next project? Some people actually have the fortitude to hold a book in reserve for when they’re having an especially awful day. I asked Twitter to tell me who had authors like that and what their favorite book from that author was – recommendations below. (And, as always, if you want to peruse past recommendation lists, they’re all…

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    Found families

    I love a good found family. When friends become more than friends, when relationships you choose are at least as solid as (and sometimes more than) the family you’re born into, that’s a really beautiful thing. So here’s a recommendation list of romances with excellent found families in them. And, as always, if you want to see the master list of recommendation lists, it’s here. Also, Pene Henson wrote a blog post about just this topic for Binge On Books last year! Kristen Ashley, Colorado Mountain series, starting with SWEET DREAMS (Per KT Gilbert, Ana Coqui, and Jenn) Kristen Ashley,…

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    “…and yes I said yes I will Yes.”

    I don’t love James Joyce (the source of the quote), but I LOVE good, affirmative consent between partners. Give me a partner who waits for a yes and who will respect a no, and you HAVE ME. So, being me, I decided to crowdsource a list of romances where nobody ever says anything like, “Your mouth says no but your eyes say yes,” or God forbid, “You’re wet therefore you want it” (this is so gross, I can’t even begin to grapple with it. I can highly recommend Emily Nagoski’s COME AS YOU ARE – it’s a fascinating look at female…

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    Live at Lady Jane’s Salon NYC!

    I had the great honor of being invited to speak at Lady Jane’s Salon during my birthday trip to New York this year. If you don’t know about Lady Jane’s, it’s a long-running (nine years and counting) romance reading series in New York, held at a bar called Madame X in the East Village. Mr. B was on hand to meet, greet, and video, so if you’re interested in seeing/hearing a short excerpt of SLOW DRIFT, here it is! Reading SLOW DRIFT at Lady Jane’s Salon, NYC from Adele Buck on Vimeo.

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    It’s all happening at the zoo

    I do believe it, I do believe it’s true… Or it’s happening at a farm, or a suburban home, a Manhattan apartment, or even outer space. The latest crowd-sourced list is of romances with pets. And after a bit of a slow start, I got ’em! So, if you like your adorable couples with a side of adorable animals, I got you: Cats Kristen Ashley, ROCK CHICK RENEGADE – Boo the cat (Per Amy Kathryn) Kristen Ashley, SWEET DREAMS – Buster the cat (Per Amy Kathryn) KJ Charles, AN UNSEEN ATTRACTION – Clem has a cat (Per Ellie Reads) Tessa Dare, THE DUCHESS DEAL…

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    Let’s play “Subvert the Archetypes”!

    I was thinking about archetypes the other day and how often romance adheres to them. But, for me, there’s a special thrill when I realize an author has decided to turn an archetype on its head. So I asked Twitter for recommendations. There wasn’t the immediate outpouring of recommendations like I had for the “Difficult” heroines list, but boy do these books sound GOOD. I’ve done my best to organize them – where a book seems to land in more than one category, it’s repeated. Know another title that would fit? Leave a comment or chat with me on Twitter!…