Lucy Parker’s MAKING UP

At long last, Lucy Parker’s cover for her third London Celebrity book has been revealed. And it is stunning.

I’m not usually one to squee over covers. I can appreciate a good one, I will sometimes blink like hell at a bad one, but covers don’t usually inspire me with the desire to run around like a maniac and yell, “IT’S SO GOOD.”

But this one does.

And I’ve also had the great good fortune to read it already (shh. Don’t kill me). She’s flipped her usual script here: instead of giving us a grumpy hero, she’s given us a grumpy heroine (hence her inclusion into the list of prickly heroines). And Trix’s prickliness is earned. The reason for the enmity between Leo and Trix is revealed so skillfully. Oh, just pre order MAKING UP already. Please.

And if you haven’t read the other two books in the series (ACT LIKE IT and PRETTY FACE), what are you waiting for? (Oh, and by the way, I’m jealous of you that you get to read them for the first time).

MAKING UP’s cover can be seen at HEA USA.

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