It’s all happening at the zoo

I do believe it, I do believe it’s true…

Or it’s happening at a farm, or a suburban home, a Manhattan apartment, or even outer space. The latest crowd-sourced list is of romances with pets. And after a bit of a slow start, I got ’em! (Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) So, if you like your adorable couples with a side of adorable animals, I got you:



  • Kristen Ashley, ROCK CHICK REDEMPTION – Shamus the labrador (Per Amy Kathryn)
  • Jennifer Crusie, ANYONE BUT YOU – “Fred the dog is the best part of the book.” (Per Jen DeLuca)
  • Megan Frampton, WHY DO DUKES FALL IN LOVE –  only friend is his dog (Per the author)
  • Nicole Helm, ALL I AM – hero has “Six dogs, three cats, and one sheep with a limp” (Per me)
  • Laura Kaye, HARD AS IT GETS (beginning of Hard Ink series) – Eileen the 3 legged German Shepherd puppy (Per Amy Kathryn)
  • Sarah Morgan, The Manhattan series, beginning with SLEEPLESS IN MANHATTAN – Definitely the last three (I just read them so they’re fresh on my mind). Cute dogs abound! (Per Haley K)
  • Nora Roberts, THE SEARCH and WHISKEY BEACH – Both feature dogs (Per Aislinn Kearns)
  • Theresa Romain, LADY ROGUE – Has a winsome beagle! (Per me)
  • Cat Sebastian, THE LAWRENCE BROWNE AFFAIR – has a huge dog in it (Per Ana Coqui)
  • Jill Shalvis, ANIMAL MAGNETISM – That entire series is centered about an animal clinic (Per Zoe Ashwood)
  • Rebekah Weatherspoon, HAVEN and SANCTUARY – one dog in the first and 4 or 5 in the second (Per Jean Russell)


  • Laura Kinsale, MIDSUMMER MOON – heroine has a hedgehog (Per Elisabeth Lane)
  • Lucy Parker, MAKING UP – Reggie the Hedgie is adorable and spiny just like Trix, the heroine (Per me)



  • Amanda Bouchet, A PROMISE OF FIRE (beginning of Kingmaker Chronicles series) – heroine has an adorable horse (Per Alissa Davis)
  • Tessa Dare, WHEN A SCOT TIES THE KNOT – Fluffy and Rex the lobsters will never not win the pet game (Per Fangirl Musing)
  • Nicole Helm, ALL I AM – hero has “Six dogs, three cats, and one sheep with a limp” (Per me)
  • Nicole Helm, REBEL COWBOY – a mystery llama who is appropriately named Mystery (Per Ruby Lang)
  • Eloisa James, WILDE IN LOVE – Sweetpea the skunk (Per Elizabeth Bright)
  • Laura Kinsale, FOR MY LADY’S HEART – heroine has a falcon. PRINCE OF MIDNIGHT – hero has a wolf. (Per Elisabeth Lane)
  • Lisa Kleypas, Hathaways Series (Starts with MINE TILL MIDNIGHT) – Beatrix has several pets (Per Elizabeth Bright)
  • Nora Roberts, BLACK HILLS – a cougar called Baby who acts more like a house cat to Lil who rescued him (Per Alex Carver)
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