Found families

I love a good found family. When friends become more than friends, when relationships you choose are at least as solid as (and sometimes more than) the family you’re born into, that’s a really beautiful thing.

So here’s a recommendation list of romances with excellent found families in them. And, as always, if you want to see the master list of recommendation lists, it’s here. Also, Pene Henson wrote a blog post about just this topic for Binge On Books last year! Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  • Kristen Ashley, Colorado Mountain series, starting with SWEET DREAMS (Per KT Gilbert, Ana Coqui, and Jenn)
  • Kristen Ashley, Moonlight and Motor Oil series, starting with THE HOOKUP (Per KT Gilbert)
  • Melissa Blue, TO ONE HUNDRED – First in her Dirty Sexy Geeks series. Sprawling found family with great gamer culture (Per me)
  • Laura Brown, FRIEND (ZONE) WITH BENEFITS – Deaf and Hard of Hearing culture plays into the bonds the characters share (Per me)
  • Nathan Burgoine, HANDMADE HOLIDAYS – m/m Christmas novella (Per Ellie Reads)
  • KJ Charles, Society of Gentlemen series, starting with A FASHIONABLE INDULGENCE, Sins of the Cities series, starting with AN UNSEEN ATTRACTION, and SPECTRED ISLE (first in a new series) (Per Ellie Reads)
  • Kate Clayborn, LUCK OF THE DRAW – Central premise of the series (this is the second) is about a group of friends who share lottery winnings (Per me)
  • Pene Henson, INTO THE BLUE – surfer boys who have built a found family in a run down beach house in Hawaii (Per the author)
  • Liz Jacobs, ABROAD (Per Alice_exclaims)
  • Lisa Kleypas, Wallflower series which begins with SECRETS OF A SUMMER NIGHT, though most people’s favorite is probably THE DEVIL IN WINTER (Per Elizabeth Bright)
  • Christina Lauren, The Beautiful series, beginning with BEAUTIFUL BASTARD (Per Jenn)
  • Tracey Livesay, ALONG CAME LOVE – Family and found family, especially among the various heroes (second in a series, but they all stand alone, Per me)
  • Sarah MacLean, Rules of Scoundrels series, starting with A ROGUE BY ANY OTHER NAME (Per Steve Ammidown)
  • Lilia Moon, Fettered series, starting with YIELD – BDSM (Per Mary Lynne Nielsen)
  • Roan Parrish, MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE (Per Alice_exclaims)
  • Roan Parrish, SMALL CHANGE (Per Zoe Ashwood)
  • Ainslie Paton, INCAPABLE (Per the author)
  • Kit Rocha, The Beyond series is highly recommended by many for this element, starting with BEYOND SHAME (Per Julia)
  • Jill Shalvis, ANIMAL MAGNETISM – “is one of my all time favs. I love Lilah, Dell and Adam they’re such a strong unit” (Per KT Gilbert)
  • Cathy Yardley, ONE TRUE PAIRING – Part of her Fandom Hearts series–each of the heroines has a different, geeky speciality (Per me)

…and if you have additional recommendations, please call them out in the comments or on Twitter!

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