The Prickly Heroines of 2018

Wow. It’s been ten months since I crowdsourced A Home for “Difficult” Heroines.” And it’s been a great year for some stunning, strong women in romance fiction. Women with agency and boundaries. 

Women who, inexplicably to me, frequently get the label of “bitch.” So, I’ve asked Twitter to give me their recommendations for this year’s best bitches. Listed below with the Twitter handles of the recommenders.

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  • Alyssa Cole, A DUKE BY DEFAULT – “I loved Portia because she knew herself.” (Per @damselspodcast)
  • Jenny Holiday, the entire Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series (shhh, I know THREE LITTLE WORDS doesn’t pub until next year, but I read an ARC and adored it – Per me, obvi)
  • Lucy Parker, MAKING UP – Enemies to lovers tends to bring out the prickle in a heroine and Trix is no exception. And the book has a pet hedgehog in it! Double the prickle! (Per me)
  • Suleikha Snyder, SEARED and TIKKA CHANCE ON ME – I just love Suleikha’s voice and her heroines are always rock-solid. (Per me)


  • Beverly Jenkins, TEMPEST – Gotta love a heroine who shoots the hero. (Per me)
  • Sarah MacLean, WICKED AND THE WALLFLOWER – “I loved Felicity because she knew herself.” (Per @damselspodcast)
  • Scarlett Peckham, THE EARL I RUINED – “Constance does some truly awful things, and I loved every minute of reading it.” (Per @bandherbooks)

Got more? Suggest in the comments or tweet at me!

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