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EDIT 7/22/16: Aw heck – this old thing? I wrote a much more fun one which you can see over here.

Greetings to all who came here from Lana Pattinson’s generous blog hop…I’m going to be holding my breath, crossing my fingers, and entering one of my books into Pitch Wars this year.

A New Hampshire native, Adele has lived in the Washington, D.C. area for almost 20 years. Her very first fiction writing experience was a serialized story about a girl who turns into a horse that enthralled her second-grade class. She continued to indulge her creative side with a theatre degree from Syracuse University and then her less creative side with degrees at the University of Maine School of Law and the University of Maryland’s iSchool. Returning to writing was like a return to acting for Adele, especially in writing comedic dialogue and sorting out unusual character motivations.

In her non-writing life, Adele is the Instructional Technology Librarian at a Very Big Law School. Prior to beginning her library career, Adele spent two years as a legal index editor and 12 years working in executive relationship management with the NASDAQ Stock Market and in corporate communications for NASDAQ-listed companies.

She’s a lot more fun than that sounds. Promise.

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