Those two little words

So, I wrote those magic two little words enamored of romance writers everywhere on my current work-in-progress today. No, not “Love you,” but:


It was a remarkably productive day, especially considering I have some sort of sinus thing or a cold and I’m hopped up on cold meds. So the 3,500 words I cranked out today might be…utter rubbish. But, as Nora Roberts says, “You can fix a bad page. You can’t fix a blank one.”

For now, I’m going to rest and read and get (hopefully, sinuses willing) a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow I start a fast revision pass (sooner than I’d usually do-I’d usually give it at least a week or so to marinate before I dove back in, but I want to get this off to my agent before I leave for Norway next weekend).

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