Travel meet-cutes

NB: this post has been edited. The woman in question has apparently been hounded off social media, while the man is getting a more positive 15 minutes of fame. Great.

After a thread went viral about a couple meeting on a plane, a lot of writers joked about “writing that book.” Others wanted to read it. But there are already tons of great romances that start with an in-transit meet-cute, right? Let’s have them! (And if you want to browse my other lists of recommendations, they’re all rounded up on one page.)

Alisha makes an excellent point: please don’t photograph strangers and post them without consent:

So, here’s a bunch of fictional meet-cutes that don’t violate anyone’s privacy! Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  • Quinn Anderson, NEW HEIGHTS – “If you like m/m romance Quinn Anderson’s novella New Heights is quirky and fun. The whole thing takes place in the airport/plane.” (Per @emclellanwrites)
  • Dinah Dean, THE COCKERMOUTH MAIL – “The heroine meets the hero when they’re both travelling on a stage-coach in the winter. It’s a road-trip romance, and he’s a doll, and they’re engaged by the end of the journey.” (Per @_LucyParker)
  • Emma Donoghue, LANDING – “good f/f” (Per @anneeterpstra)
  • Roe Horvat, THE LAYOVER – “m/m romance where the MCs meet at the airport during, well, a layover :)” (Per @e_savova)
  • Ruthie Knox, ABOUT LAST NIGHT – (Per @nystacey)
  • Ruthie Knox, RIDE WITH ME – “MCs are set up to be cycling partners across the country. It’s a bicycle road trip blind date story, and I <3 it so much!” (Per @kkielyauthor)
  • Jay Northcote, NOTHING SPECIAL – “two guys meet on the train every day and fall in love” (Per @elenilote)
  • Kelly Siskind, CHASING CRAZY – “Fun new adult romance that begins with a hilariously awkward meet-cute on a plane.” (Per @miasosaromance)
  • Mia Sosa, ACTING ON IMPULSE – Super voice-y, funny book with a meet-cute on a plane (Per me)
  • Jay E. Tria, YOU OUT OF NOWHERE – “meet cute on a train” (Per @mizzelle)
  • Amanda Weaver, SKY HIGH – “a collection of three novellas. All three couples meet on the same doomed flight to Mexico (based on a real-life flight from hell I was on).” (Per the author)

And we have some movie recommendations too:

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