Firefighters and Paramedics – a few of KT’s favorite things…

Yesterday, Twitter friend KT asked me:

Firefighters and paramedics, hmmm…what sprang to mind right away was Kate Clayborn’s lovely LUCK OF THE DRAW. Aiden is a paramedic, it’s almost immediately plot-relevant, and he’s also reticent and more than a bit grumpy (lots of folks’ catnip for sure). Shannon Stacey’s BOSTON FIRE series has both male and female firefighters (and she notes that HOT RESPONSE has both a firefighter AND an EMT if that’s your jam). If you’re in more of a midwestern mood, Kate Meader’s HOT IN CHICAGO series also has co-ed firefighters.

The call is out for more, though, and the recommendations are coming in (as always, the master list of recommendations posts is here):

  • Jennifer Bernard, BACHELOR FIREMEN OF SAN GABRIEL – 6 book series (Per @laforesta)
  • Jennifer Blackwood, BURNING UP – “a fire fighter romance, which is fab!!” (Per @bstjohnbrown)
  • Lauren Blakely, FIGHTING FIRE – 3 book series (Per @MegCabine)
  • Anne Calhoun, AFTERNOON DELIGHT – “an erotic novella with a paramedic hero.” (Per @e_savova)
  • Victoria Dahl, FANNING THE FLAMES – novella, over-40’s MCs (and a grumpy heroine!). Also comes as an add-on to the audio of one of the full-length novels in that series, FLIRTING WITH DISASTER (Per @kateclayborn and me)
  • Lauren Dane, MAKING CHASE – (Per @anacoqui)
  • Jennifer Dawson, THE BURN LIST (Per @MegCabine)
  • Alexis Hall, FOR REAL – “m/m BDSM romance, one MC is a paramedic” (Per @e_savova)
  • Kristan Higgins, JUST ONE OF THE GUYS – “I’m still mad about her latest tho’ TBH, but this was always my favorite of hers” (Per @MegCabine)
  • Kimberly Kincaid, STATION SEVENTEEN – 4 book series (Per @shannonstacey)
  • Susan Mallery, ALL SUMMER LONG – “Maybe my favorite ever Susan Mallery, about a female fire fighter and a male former underwear model.” (per @MandaCollins)
  • K.A. Mitchell, COLLISION COURSE – “Paramedic hero” (Per @Kaetrin67)
  • Nora Roberts, NIGHT SMOKE – “has a hero who’s a former firefighter who’s now an arson investigator with the fire dept.” (Per @laforesta)
  • Xen Sanders, SHATTERPROOF – “paranormal m/m, one MC works as paramedic (but he is an immortal fae in fact)” (Per @e_savova)
  • Jill Shalvis, FIREFIGHTERS – 3 book series (Per @shannonstacey) also FLASHPOINT – “a female EMT who arrives at a new fire station”
  • L.A. Witt, GET A GRIP – (Per @MegCabine)

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