The First Families of Romancelandia

I’ve been re-reading (listening to) Sarina Bowen’s True North Series and falling in love with the Shipley family all over again. So, it occurred to me to compile a list of the great, warm-hearted families of Romancelandia. The ones that make us just want to curl up on the couch with the gang, help out in the kitchen, sit around a campfire with…you know the deal.

As always, my friends came through!

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Ilona Andrews, The Baylors of the HIDDEN LEGACY series (Per @IsobelCarr and @JenicaDawn), the KATE DANIELS series – “Over 100 shifters live in a big castle on the outskirts of Atlanta. The series is addictive.” (Per @kinseyholley)

Mary Balogh, the Bedwyns of the BEDWYN SAGA “the final book, about the eldest brother, is the best series pay-off I’ve ever read. So well done.” (Per @AWeaverWrites) and I’d add the WESTCOTTS. They go through so much adversity and everyone changes and grows (Per me)

J Bengtsston, CAKE series – “The McAllister family…Such a fun, loyal family. (Per @PoppyDubois)

Grace Burrowes, WINDHAM series (Per @Brand_Panda)

Jo Beverly, THE MALLORENS (Per @IsobelCarr)

Sarina Bowen, TRUE NORTH series – I adore the Shipleys and would like to be adopted by Ruth and hang out at the farm, thank you very much (Per me)

Lauren Dane, CHASE BROTHERS series (Per @lillie_80) and BROWN FAMILY (Per @bookdancenerd)

Dianna Duvall, THE IMMORTAL GUARDIANS series – “Found family. Dysfunctional but good people.” (Per @K2togetherSSK)

Gaelen Foley, the KNIGHT MISCELLANY series – “the Knight family is headed by the Duke of whatever. His parent’s marriage had some bad times so not all of the siblings are their legal father’s but they’re very close – 4 brothers and a sister. (The Harleian Miscellany was a manuscript collection owned by the Earl of Oxford whose many kids weren’t all his. Society wits called his brood The Harleian Miscellany too)” (Per @kinseyholley)

Rhys Ford, Morgan Family in the SINNERS series (Per @elenilote)

Melissa Foster, BRADEN family (Per @LauraHull_RPP)

Stormy Glenn, COWBOY EASY (Per @mamaboo7907)

Kristan Higgins, THE NEXT BEST THING – Lucy’s family (specifically the awesome Black Widows) (Per @ems616)

Beverly Jenkins, THROUGH THE STORM (Per @laforesta1) and I’d add the DESTINY series for Alanza alone! (Per me)

Isabel Jordan, HARPER HALL series – “So much sarcastic love insults and pranks, most are found family but love each other fiercely.” (Per @K2togetherSSK)

Kelsey Kingsley, KINNEY BROTHERS (Per @LauraHull_RPP)

Lisa Kleypas, RAVENELS, WALLFLOWERS, and HATHAWAYS extended clans (Per @laforesta1)

Jackie Lau, HE’S NOT MY BOYFRIEND for the most amazingly embarrassing grandma ever (Per me)

Shelly Laurenston, PRIDE series (Per @DamselsPodcast)

Johanna Lindsey, the MALORY-ANDERSON family – “Love, humor, fun, dedication to the families. It is sweet.” (Per @Samantha12Jane)

Laura London, THE WINDFLOWER – “1983, the first non rapey romance I read IT IS MAGICAL.” (Per @kinseyholley)

Lisa Oliver, THE RELUCTANT WOLF (Per @mamaboo7907)

Priscilla Oliveras, Fernandez sisters of the MATCHED TO PERFECTION series (Per @hopefulleigh)

Susan Elizabeth Phillips, “The absolutely wild Bonner family in NOBODY’S BABY BUT MINE” (Per @emmelnie)

Julia Quinn, the BRIDGERTONS – frankly, it surprised me how long it took folks to recommend this one (Per @karla_kratovil)

Alisha Rai, the Chandlers and Oka-Kanes of the FORBIDDEN HEARTS series (Per @hopefulleigh)

Kris Ripper, the SCIENTIFIC METHOD series – “The found family gathered around Hugh, Truman, and Will in Kris Ripper’s Scientific Method Universe (starts with Catalysts, seen most clearly in the New Year’s books)” (Per @bookdancenerd)

Nora Roberts, THE MACGREGORS series (Per @laforesta1), the Quinn family from the CHESAPEAKE BAY series (Per @karla_kratovil)

Kit Rocha, The O’Kanes of the BEYOND series (Per @Jeantheknitter, @lillie_80, and literally everyone else)

Lauren Rowe, MORGAN BROTHERS series (Per @HEAnovlthoughts)

Stefanie Simpson, GETTING A LIFE – “I’d want Arthur’s mom from #GettingALife by @Simpson_Romance. She’s so sweet and supportive and just a downright good human being” (Per @teamechavarre)

Nalini Singh, the Mercant family of the PSY-CHANGELING TRINITY (Per @lillie_80)

Shannon Stacey, the KOWALSKIS series…of doom! (Per @lillie_80)

J.R. Ward, BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD (Per @karla_kratovil)

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