Giant Men Doing Soft Things

You know what I love? A giant man being tender to a puppy. Or holding a baby. Or just generally being soft. I suspect I am not alone. In fact, Kristen Callihan said about her current work-in-progress:

So here’s a recommendation list of romances with excellent giant men doing soft things in them. And, as always, if you want to see the master list of recommendation lists, it’s here.

  • Adriana Anders, UNDER HER SKIN – gentle giant hero who is a blacksmith iirc and cares about stray cats (CW for sexual and other assault) (Per @e_savova)
  • Tessa Bailey and Eve Dangerfield, CAPTIVATED – He’s a book restorer (Per @Eisreading)
  • Sarina Bowen, BOUNTIFUL – Giant, ginger hockey player slowly falling in love with his secret baby (toddler) who gives him her mom’s patented death-glare (Per me)
  • Suzanne Brockmann, HOT TARGET – When I finished reading this book, I tweeted at Suz “I KNEW Cosmo was a secret marshmallow!” or words to that effect (Per Me)
  • Kristen Callihan – THE GAME PLAN – Ethan Dexter in The Game Plan- beards, tats, piercings, football, artist (Per LSULeslie)
  • Beverly Jenkins, REBEL – he’s ADORABLE with children (Per me)
  • Julia Justiss, A MOST UNCONVENTIONAL MATCH – Hal is my ultimate beta hero <3 (Per @kelly_instalove)
  • Aislinn Kearns, STRANDED WITH THE MOUNTAIN MAN – (Per @Micsreader)
  • Viv Lorrett, THE ROGUE TO RUIN – He’s a big, hulking former fighter but has a one-eyed cat who loves him and he is the most gentle with the matchmaker across the street. (CW for off-page physical abuse and sexual assault.) (Per @bandherbooks)
  • Roan Parrish, rex, in IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE, rhys in REND, and huey in RAZE are my biggest and softest 😉 (Per the author)
  • Alisha Rai, HURTS TO LOVE YOU – Sweetest giant tattoo artist ever (Per me)
  • Katie Ruggle, GONE TOO DEEP – (Per @Micsreader)
  • Rebekah Weatherspoon, RAFE – He’s a male nanny…but with a motorcycle and tattoos (Per @CanadianMrs)
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