All for You

Angling for You

When you’ve lost nearly everything, can you trust enough to put your heart on the line?

As a fly fishing guide, Sam Halvorsen is a woman in a man’s world and she’s heard enough bad jokes about rods to last a lifetime. When she takes Graham Evans out on the water, her goal is to get her payday and deposit the handsome librarian back on dry land.

Yet not only does Graham have an adorable dog, he respects her skills and knowledge. Sam finds herself confiding in him about her grief and fear of abandonment following the death of the grandmother who raised her. Even more surprising, she finds herself giving into the attraction and passion between them.

Sam never expected to find the love of a man who sees her for exactly who she is. But just as she’s starting to trust her feelings for Graham, a letter arrives, bringing with it a torrent of family secrets and lies that could ruin everything.

Content warning: death of family members (off page, in the past), casual sexism

Handy for You

Sometimes true love can be right around the corner.

Give Kari Halvorsen a spreadsheet and she’ll have it mastered by noon. Give her a broken sink in her brand-new home and, well, that’s a different story. Turns out her lifelong dream of owning her own house is very different from the reality—and it’s terrifying.

Enter the guy next door. Rob Fox has serious do-it-yourself skills and he’s more than happy to put them to work for his pretty neighbor. But that’s as far as it can go. He’s always been a disaster with women—just ask his ex-wife—and he doesn’t need an enemy in his backyard. He’ll fix Kari’s sink, and that’s it.

But attraction has other plans for these two. And it’s not long before they’re exploring more than the paint aisle at the local home improvement store. Now, it’s a question of whether or not they can overcome decades of going it alone and build a foundation together.

Content warnings: familial death (in the past, off page), divorce (in the past, off page), unappreciated emotional labor.

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