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    Any Minute Now

    Well, there’s a brand new manuscript in town. I have my fingers crossed that this idea resonates with an editor or two! After my sciatica diagnosis (and exceedingly slow recovery from same – wait, y’all probably don’t know this. Long story short: I tweaked my back getting into my car last October and have a herniated disc), the manuscript I was trying to work on went COMPLETELY sideways on me. It probably didn’t help that I was trying to write through shattering pain. Live and learn. After a while, I decided to set it aside and wait for a new…

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    Interview with Angela Hart

    This evening at 7:00 P.M. Eastern I will be on Angela Hart’s YouTube channel, talking writing, romance, probably whiskey…(Medicinal. Nerves.) Angela is a kick-ass grad student doing her PhD in romance novels. I met her at the Bowling Green State University Pop Culture conference a couple of months ago. So even though I’m a bit nervous, I’m also excited! She’ll be taking questions, so if you have any, you can tweet them at her. Oh. And she has the world’s cutest dog. So maybe Max will make an appearance as well. And! The interview will be available after in case…

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    Live at Lady Jane’s Salon NYC!

    I had the great honor of being invited to speak at Lady Jane’s Salon during my birthday trip to New York this year. If you don’t know about Lady Jane’s, it’s a long-running (nine years and counting) romance reading series in New York, held at a bar called Madame X in the East Village. Mr. B was on hand to meet, greet, and video, so if you’re interested in seeing/hearing a short excerpt of SLOW DRIFT, here it is! Reading SLOW DRIFT at Lady Jane’s Salon, NYC from Adele Buck on Vimeo.

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    Some thoughts on audiobook narration and narrators (with recommendations)

    It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have strong opinions about audiobook narration. I tend to have strong opinions about a lot of things (my own mother, in her inimitable way, says that I am “never far from an opinion”). I also have a master list of recommended books in other areas here. Ever since Audible instituted a return policy I’ve been both more adventurous about trying new narrators and absolutely ruthless in returning books that aren’t doing it for me. As a former actor, I not only hear things that drive me nuts, but…

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    Good news!

    I am thrilled to be able to announce that as of this morning I am represented by literary agent Amy Elizabeth Bishop of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret. Getting an agent is a huge milestone and I’m really excited to work with Amy. She’s smart and enthusiastic and so, so very nice. I’d give more details but I’m brain-dead with happiness right about now.

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    Let’s talk about critique

    There are a lot of articles going around right now about critique and a lot of them are very good. I’m going to try to address the power and the pain of critique from a slightly different angle. Because emotional response to critique is where 99% of the rubber ceases to meet the road in my experience. Who am I to talk about this? I was an actress in a past life (like, seriously, I haven’t been on stage in 26 years, but I was an actor for 11 years*), and I am here to tell you that being critiqued…