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    Found families

    I love a good found family. When friends become more than friends, when relationships you choose are at least as solid as (and sometimes more than) the family you’re born into, that’s a really beautiful thing. So here’s a recommendation list of romances with excellent found families in them. And, as always, if you want to see the master list of recommendation lists, it’s here. Also, Pene Henson wrote a blog post about just this topic for Binge On Books last year! Kristen Ashley, Colorado Mountain series, starting with SWEET DREAMS (Per KT Gilbert, Ana Coqui, and Jenn) Kristen Ashley,…

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    “…and yes I said yes I will Yes.”

    I don’t love James Joyce (the source of the quote), but I LOVE good, affirmative consent between partners. Give me a partner who waits for a yes and who will respect a no, and you HAVE ME. So, being me, I decided to crowdsource a list of romances where nobody ever says anything like, “Your mouth says no but your eyes say yes,” or God forbid, “You’re wet therefore you want it” (this is so gross, I can’t even begin to grapple with it. I can highly recommend Emily Nagoski’s COME AS YOU ARE – it’s a fascinating look at female…

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    Live at Lady Jane’s Salon NYC!

    I had the great honor of being invited to speak at Lady Jane’s Salon during my birthday trip to New York this year. If you don’t know about Lady Jane’s, it’s a long-running (nine years and counting) romance reading series in New York, held at a bar called Madame X in the East Village. Mr. B was on hand to meet, greet, and video, so if you’re interested in seeing/hearing a short excerpt of SLOW DRIFT, here it is! Reading SLOW DRIFT at Lady Jane’s Salon, NYC from Adele Buck on Vimeo.