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    Some thoughts on audiobook narration and narrators (with recommendations)

    It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have strong opinions about audiobook narration. I tend to have strong opinions about a lot of things (my own mother, in her inimitable way, says that I am, “Never far from an opinion”). I also have a master list of recommended books in other areas here. Ever since Audible instituted a return policy I’ve been both more adventurous about trying new narrators and absolutely ruthless in returning books that aren’t doing it for me. As a former actor, I not only hear things that drive me nuts, but…

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    Good news!

    I am thrilled to be able to announce that as of this morning I am represented by literary agent Amy Elizabeth Bishop of Dystel, Goderich & Bourret. Getting an agent is a huge milestone and I’m really excited to work with Amy. She’s smart and enthusiastic and so, so very nice. I’d give more details but I’m brain-dead with happiness right about now.

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    #Scrivathon16 – The Home Stretch (Raffles!)

    Hello lovely visitor – we’re in the home stretch leading up to Scrivathon 2016. Scrivathon is basically a fun-run for fingers. A group of us are pledging to have butt-in-chair, fingers-on-keyboard the day of November 12. You can support us by pledging money (all funds go to Syria Relief), and if you’re a writer-person and would like to enter raffles for nifty things like page critiques or edits, Scrivener software, and other fantastic items and services. More information on the raffles and how to enter are on our lovely hostess’ blog. And if you want to donate to my campaign…

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    Scrivathon 16

    Hey there – just a brief post to boost my page for Scrivathon 16, a charity fundraiser that is the brainchild of my friend A.Y. Chao. Basically, it’s like couch to 5k meets charity fun run: where the writers stay on the couch and pump out words instead of miles in the pursuit of sponsorship and glory. I’m totally un-funded at the moment, and would love any and all donations!

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    Well, November is here and I’m NaNo-ing. Getting things off to a bang, because my in-laws will be arriving this evening for three days. That’s sure to be fantastic for productivity. At any rate, I’m being a NaNo “rebel” this year. Instead of embarking on a fresh, new idea, I’m doing that top-to-bottom rewrite of Persuading Anna that I talked about here. Is two months enough time to have mulled it over? I don’t know–we shall see! I gave it a new title and even created a cover for NaNo: Let’s do this. Doing NaNo and want to be buddies? I’m…

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    Shelving Anna

    Persuading Anna was my first completed fiction manuscript. It started life as an attempt at “Literary Women’s Fiction.” “Wait – doesn’t your bio say you write comic romance?” Yes, reader, it does. Thank you for allowing me to put words in your mouth just this once. I promise I won’t do it again. I had a lot of ideas about what I might want to be if I became a writer. I went to a prep school that cranks out amazing writers like Susan Minot, Sebastian Junger, and Matt Taibbi. As such, I was terrified of doing anything that wasn’t…

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    Let’s talk about critique

    There are a lot of articles going around right now about critique and a lot of them are very good. I’m going to try to address the power and the pain of critique from a slightly different angle. Because emotional response to critique is where 99% of the rubber ceases to meet the road in my experience. Who am I to talk about this? I was an actress in a past life (like, seriously, I haven’t been on stage in 26 years, but I was an actor for 11 years*), and I am here to tell you that being critiqued…

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    #PimpMyBio – VERSION 2

    Hello #PitchWars mentors! I’m Adele Buck, writing adult contemporary romance. The book I’m submitting is Persuading Anna, a contemporary retelling of Austen’s Persuasion (and yes, right out of the gate, if you have a better title, I am ALL EARS.) The book has been critique-grouped and edited, but definitely still needs work! I’m eager to get a fresh set of eyes on it. Want to tear it to pieces and put it back together? Who would want to read this book? Well, do you like contemporary Austen retellings? How about a heroine in a male-dominated job and industry? (She’s the Chief Financial…

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    #1LineWed – June 15, 2016

    #1LineWed is a hashtag prompt from @RWAKissofDeath for writers to select a line from a work or work-in-progress on a particular theme and post it to Twitter. Theme: Lines from Page 6, 16, or 160 (I did all three) “I am sorry. Truly. That was glib and idiotic. I don’t usually dine out on my own feet. Can we begin again?” #1linewed#p6 — Adele Buck (@_AdeleBuck) June 15, 2016 When Colin first meets Alicia, he makes the mistake of questioning her honesty because of her profession. From Acting Out, in progress. “…One ticket on the Guilt Express for Miss Marianne Ashford.…